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Like many business owners looking for web design help, you may be eagerly awaiting the completion of your website. But these days, you can’t hope to remain competitive and enjoy high conversion rates with a static site. For optimal success, ongoing changes, updates and improvements are crucial.

You should think of your website like a grocery store rack – you need to switch out products, move things around, find out what works and doesn’t work.

Under Construction… Forever

Why can’t you just come up with an ideal website design, make your site go live and call it a day?

To keep up with customers’ expectations and needs – What will customers want, need and expect in the future? It’s sure to be different than the current status quo, and your site will need to be tweaked to keep up and stay relevant.

To maintain SEO best practices – Search Engine Optimization is about more than strategically placed keywords. Google places a strong emphasis on fresh, relevant content. Therefore, static sites are outranked by those that are updated regularly. If you want people to find your site in the first place, then, continual updates are crucial.

To stay on top of current web design trends – Web design standards and trends change rapidly. People are likely to come away with negative impressions of your site if it looks out of date, so ongoing improvements are essential.

A good website is a constant work in motion. You need to add content to it regularly, update existing pages, obsess over how those pages are ranking in search engines, adjust tweak and repeat and then do it all over again! So forget about crossing a finish line, there isn’t one.