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Google Analytics Traffic

If you have Google Analytics on your website, take the time to view the breakdown of traffic from desktop, tablet and mobile devices. If you have good engagement with visitors on desktop, how does this compare to the user experience on mobile devices?  For example, when it comes to mobile devices does the time on site or pages per visit drop off or does the bounce rate significantly increase? Those are clear indicators that visitors are not having a good user experience when viewing your website on a mobile device and it’s time to take action to optimize your website to ensure you’re providing a user friendly, strong mobile design.

If you don’t have it, then we highly recommend that you create an account, after all it’s free.  We suggest that you review your web stats, through Google Analytics, a minimum of at least once a month to monitor and track the effectiveness of your website.  Plus, you’ll be able to see how your online marketing initiatives are measuring up and what campaigns are driving quality traffic to your website.